THE PHONE CAR: Created by business owner
Howard Davis as a way to promote his telephone
company Datel Communications, has been featured 
in many books including Ripleys, Art Cars, Guiness,
Motor Trend and Weekly World News. 

The phone car has also been in many TV news features 
and in the documentary film "Automorphisis" as well 
as the Petersen Automotive Museum in Beverly Hills, 
as part of the exhibition called Wild Wheels: Art for 
the road.

The Phone Car is built on a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle
chassis. It has an aluminum body and a tinted
windshield which allows the driver to see clearly. It
has a telephone ringer as its horn, so instead of a
honk it rings!

This is an art car that celebrates great design and function in the
history of the telephone. It is drivable, street-legal and brings smiles
& laughter wherever it goes. Click on the photo to open the up the photo 
gallery, where you can see the origin of the car, images from the past &
current tours, and learn about the catastrophe it survived.